Watch Winders for Automatic Watches, Double Watch Winder Automatic Rotation Wood Display Case Storage Organizer, Automatic Watch Winder for Men's and Women's Watches

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If you want to keep all your beautiful timeless watches, then our luxury single-head double-watch auto-rotating watch box is absolutely your first choice.Its design is not only unique and fashionable,but also has first-class technology and high quality materials to attract you.This watch box is suitable for both men and women.Pillowcase size can meet the different specifications of men's and women's watches,delicate and beautiful structure,no matter where you put it is the best choice to preserve and display watches,for any watch maker is an excellent gift,so don't hesitate to buy.


1. Soft adjustable pillow to fit different-sized watches

2. Finished with smooth lines and beautiful craft

3. Durable and noiseless Japan motor

4. Alternating clockwise and counterclockwise movement(rotates clockwise for 2 minutes, rests for 6; Moves counterclockwise for 2 minutes, rests for 6, and repeats.)

5. Smooth opening hinged lid

6. Elegant wooden box with high-gloss ebony grain finish


1. Frame Material: MDF

2. Color: Sandalwood Red(Appearance) ; Black(Internal)

3. Overall Size: (7.1 x 7.1 x 7.9)" / (18.03 x 18.03 x 20.07)cm (L x W x H)

Package Includes:

1 x Automatic Watch Winder

1 x Adapte

1 x Watch Polish Cloth as Gift

1 x Instructions

  • [Adjustable Pillow]:This watch winder features a soft adjustable pillow that can accommodate different-sized watches.Whether you have a small, medium,or large watch,this winder ensures a perfect fit,keeping your timepieces securely in place.
  • [Sleek and Beautiful Craftsmanship]:The watch winder is meticulously finished with smooth lines and exquisite craftsmanship.Its sleek design adds a touch of elegance to any room,making it not only a functional accessory but also a stylish piece of decor.
  • [Alternating Clockwise and Counterclockwise Movement]:This watch winder rotates clockwise for 2 minutes,then rests for 6 minutes,and then moves counterclockwise for 2 minutes before resting for another 6 minutes.This alternating movement mimics the natural motion of your wrist,ensuring that your watches are wound in the most effective and gentle way.
  • [Smooth Opening Hinged Lid]:The watch winder features a smooth opening hinged lid, allowing easy access to your watches.The lid is designed to open and close seamlessly,providing a hassle-free experience when placing or removing your timepieces.
  • [Elegant Wooden Box with High-Gloss Ebony Grain Finish]:The watch winder comes in an elegant wooden box with a high-gloss ebony grain finish.This luxurious presentation adds a touch of sophistication and makes it a perfect gift for watch enthusiasts or a stylish addition to your own collection.
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