Sectional Sofa Set, 2 Seater and 3 Seater Couch Sectional Sofa Seat with 5 Pillows and Metal Legs, Comfort Upholstered Tufted Fabric Sofa for Living Room Apartment Bedroom Office, White Teddy

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Product Name: 3-seater + 2-seater Combination sofa

Main Color: Ivory/White/Black/Orange/Green

Main Material: Fabric

Filler: Foam

Carton quantity: 4 pieces

Product name: 3+2 combination sofa

Does this product include pillows: 5 pillows

Weight Capacity: 250 lbs/seat

Assembly Required: Required (see instructions)

Fabric Material: Teddy

Frame Material: Pine + Eucalyptus + Plywood

Seat structure: Foam + spring pack

Upholstery: Cotton

Sofa foot material: metal

Package Size:

Package 1: 66.9 * 20 * 8.2 in. 60 lbs.

Package 2: 33.4 * 22.8 * 19.2 in. 61 lbs.

Package 3: 45.2 * 20 * 8.2 in. 40 lbs.

Package 4: 31.1 * 22.8 * 19.2 in. 56 lbs.

Note: Manual measurement is used, there may be some reasonable error. All pictures are taken based on actual samples, there may be slight color difference due to light or monitor.

  • Inspired by the international Art Deco design of Streamline Modern, the sofa's distinctive silhouette features gently curved shapes and long horizontal lines, with metallic luster on the legs. Making this sofa extremely stylish.
  • The sofa must be installed in strict accordance with the instructions.
  • The sofa is recommended to be placed against the wall.
  • After confirming the accessories: the angle bracket is installed, the sofa can be moved for a short distance. When moving, two people are required to move it, and handle it with care.
  • When the sofa seat bag is received, it is in a vacuum state. Please open the bag according to the instructions (note: do not hang it with a blade when unpacking, it is easy to damage the inner liner of the seat bag. Use scissors to cut along the edge .) Take out the seat bag liner, and install the sofa cushion cover (Note: When installing the seat bag cover, you must install it according to the instruction manual. , you need to pat and tidy the four sides of the sofa seat bag several times) and
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