Bike, Bicycle with Dual Disc Brake and High-Carbon Steel Frame, 20 Inch Fat Tire Mountain Bike, Full 7 Speed Mountain Bike for Adult and Teenagers

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In summary, the Bike, Bicycle with Dual Disc Brake and High-Carbon Steel Frame is a durable and versatile mountain bike suitable for adults and teenagers. Its high-carbon steel frame ensures strength and durability, while the dual disc brakes provide excellent stopping power and safety. The fat tire design offers traction and stability on various terrains, and the full 7-speed gearing system allows for smooth and effortless rides. With its adjustable features, this bike can be customized to fit different riders’ preferences and provides a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience for adventurers of all ages.


Product Information:

  • Main Material:Steel

Product Dimensions:

  • Assembled Length (in.):58.00
  • Assembled Width (in.):24.40
  • Assembled Height (in.):37.40
  • Weight (lbs.):39.00

Package Size:

  • Length (in.):52.00
  • Width (in.):10.00
  • Height (in.):28.00
  • Weight (lbs.):40.00
  • Product Features:
  • 20 "fat tire car
  • 7 speed transmission


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  • 🌈Sturdy and Durable Construction: This mountain bike is built with a high-carbon steel frame, ensuring exceptional durability and long-lasting performance. The robust frame can withstand various terrains and is designed to handle the rigors of off-road biking. Its solid construction provides a stable and reliable ride, making it suitable for both adult riders and teenagers
  • 🌈Dual Disc Brakes for Enhanced Safety: Equipped with dual disc brakes, this bike delivers exceptional braking power and control. The reliable braking system ensures quick and efficient stopping, providing enhanced safety during your rides. Whether you’re navigating steep descents or tricky trails, the dual disc brakes offer reliable stopping performance in all conditions.
  • 🌈Fat Tire Design for Versatile Riding: With its 20-inch fat tire design, this mountain bike is perfect for tackling various terrains and trail surfaces. The wide tires provide excellent traction, stability, and shock absorption, allowing you to confidently ride over rough and uneven terrain. Whether you’re exploring off-road trails or cruising through city streets, the fat tire design ensures a smooth and comfortable riding experience.
  • 🌈Full 7-Speed Gearing System: This mountain bike features a full 7-speed gearing system, allowing you to easily adjust your riding speed and tackle different terrains with ease. The multiple gears provide versatility, enabling you to conquer both uphill climbs and fast descents. The smooth and precise gear shifting ensures a seamless transition between gears, ensuring a comfortable and efficient ride.
  • 🌈Suitable for Adults and Teenagers: Designed to cater to both adults and teenagers, this mountain bike offers an adjustable and comfortable riding experience for riders of different heights and sizes. The adjustable seat height and handlebar position allow riders to customize the bike to their preferred riding position. Whether you’re an experienced adult rider or a teenager looking to explore outdoor trails, this bike is designed to accommodate a wide range of riders.
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