Adjustable Business Sofa with High Backrest, Modern Faux Leather Lounge Chair with Armrest, Ergonomic Accent Sofa with Foldable Function, Comfy Armchair Sofa for Office, Living Room, Balcony, Cinema

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Product Information


  • Main Color: Gray
  • Main Material: Tech cloth
  • Frame Material: Wood
  • Seat Plushness: Soft
  • Upholstery Material: Faux Leather
  • Use Case: Primary Living Space


Product Dimensions


  • Assembled Length (in.): 29.00
  • Assembled Width (in.):34.00
  • Assembled Height (in.):40.00
  • Weight (lbs.):68.00


Package Size


  • Length (in.):29.00
  • Width (in.):29.00
  • Height (in.):23.00
  • Weight (lbs.):73.00




  • Product size: 29*36*41 inch
  • Weight Limit: 240LBS


Kind Remind:


  • 1. Manual measurement has been used, there may be some reasonable error.
  • 2. Product pictures are for reference only. Real product's color may be a little different from the image due to the lighting or monitor's display.
  • 3. Due to the large size of the product and inconvenient transportation, once the order has been shipped, we only accept the return requests due to quality issues. Hope you can understand.


  • Technology Fabric: this sofa recliner is made of technology fabric, it is very smooth to touch, the material is wear-resistant and dirt-resistant, not easy to break, and not easy to get hot, sit on it and feel a slight coolness, it is very suitable for summer coolness and film watching.
  • Adjustable Backrest: the back of the seat can be adjusted, 90 degrees to 180 degrees of adjustment range, you can sit and read, you can also lie down to catch up with the drama and watch a film, and can even be used as a nap bed, to meet your multiple experiences.
  • Extendable Base: the lower part of the seat can be stretched out and used to put your legs, reclining on such a chair, you don't have to worry about the long time leading to paralysis of the waist and legs. Our chairs have been designed to help you support the functions needed for each part of your body. You just lie back and enjoy.
  • Nursing Function: this chair is ergonomically designed, every part of the chair fits your body very well and helps you to take the pressure of your body, especially for parents who have to take care of babies, this chair can make it easier for parents to put their children to sleep.
  • Sturdy and Durable:The surface of this recliner chair is made of technological fabric, and the interior is filled with high-density rebound memory foam, even if you sit all day, the chair will not be deformed. The interior of the chair is solid wood frame, sturdy and durable, the adjustable part is made of metal bracket, which can be easily adjusted without worrying about damage.
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